PACIFIC RAILROAD SOCIETY is composed of people from all walks of life who share a common interest in railroads. We are one of the oldest and largest independent rail enthusiast organizations in the United States, having an average annual membership of over 450. Donations are tax deductible under Federal and State law. Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in railroads or rail transit. Train travel, history, preservation, equipment restoration and photography are among the interests and activities of the Society. They are all done on a voluntary basis. 



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Order tickets here for Pacific Railroad Society’s Exc.# 555 Overnight on the National Forum LA to San Diego, February 23 - 24, 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)

Due to Amtrak re-arranging its equipment turns in LA, and track work on the Coast Line, we have been forced to postpone this excursion until March.  Please check back soon for the new excursion date, and to order tickets.  Thank you for understanding.

1956 Pullman Sleeping Car, the National Forum

Pacific Railroad Society presents, Excursion # 555, Overnight in San Diego on PRS’ 1956 Pullman Sleeping Car, the “National Forum”. Train departs Los Angeles on Saturday February 23, 2019 at 6:05 am, arriving San Diego at 8:58 am.  Train departs San Diego at 6:45 am Sunday February 24, 2019., arriving LA at 9:44 am.


Our 1956 Pullman Sleeping Car, the National Forum, will be parked overnight in front of the San Diego Santa Fe Depot. After taking in the San Diego sights (on your own), make you way back to the station where your bed awaits.  The train leaves San Diego at 6:45 am, but you don’t have to get up.  You can lie in bed, and watch the ocean go by.


Amtrak has made it very difficult to run private railroad cars on short trips, so this is a rare opportunity to ride a classic railroad car at an affordable price.  More details as they are firmed up. Everything is subject to change. In this case, it’s literally all about journey, the magnificent views of the coastline, the people you will meet on board, and supporting a worthy cause.  No refunds after February 10, 2019 unless the trip is cancelled by Amtrak, in which case you will receive a full refund.   Due to the limited number of beds, all sales must be via this website.  No checks accepted.

Accommodations aboard the National Forum

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Check out these videos of past Pacific Railroad Society excursions using PRS’s very own 61year old Pullman Sleeping Car, the National Forum

PRS Exc # 551 to San Luis Obispo

PRS Exc # 553 to San Diego

Pacific Railroad Society, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) social organization staffed by volunteers. The Society supports historic rail car preservation, railroad excursions, a railroad museum which preserves and displays railroad literature, photos, and a railroad resource library; railroad related education; social events; and publications. The public is welcome to participate in the Society's events, operations, and facilities. The Society is funded by memberships, donations, excursions, and fundraising activities.

Exc # 553 to San Diego

Exc # 552 to Perris & OERM

Exc # 550 Special Train to Bakersfield

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LET'S GET ON BOARD THE NATIONAL FORUM by MARTI ANN DRAPER, EXCURSION DIRECTOR As you all know, PRS owns several railroad cars. Many of you remember the high point of private car operation by PRS, which occurred in 1977 when we operated seven cars on a special train through Mexico. PRS was one of the founding members of AAPRCO, the American Association of Private Car Owners. I have always felt extremely proud that in spite of continual and increasing challenges, PRS has remained as one of the very few non-profit membership organizations which has maintained and operated its own cars.  The standards for operating private cars have become more and more stringent, so that now PRS has only two cars which have the required modifications to be used in Amtrak service. In recent years, the always small number of PRS volunteers who have turned out to regularly work on our cars at Saunders Yard has dwindled to one or two a week. In face of this lack of support, enthusiasm of the Rolling Stock Committee is at its lowest ebb.  We have one car, the  National Forum , which we have continued to maintain in accordance with Amtrak's standards so it can be used on excursions. As your Excursion Director, I am eager to continue to use this historically important car on excursions so that we and younger generations can experience what it was like to ride in a typical sleeping car of the 1950's. This is not impossible; other private owners operate vintage cars, and right now Amtrak is willing to cooperate with them so it is still possible to have the experience of riding historic equipment on the high iron.

In light of this, the PRS Board has vested the Excursion Committee with the responsibility for keeping the  National Forum running. This means that the Excursion Committee now has to rally those who agree that the National Forum should continue operating on Amtrak so that we can undertake necessary periodic maintenance and all of the various jobs which have to be done when a car goes on the road.  PRS needs you! Whether you have a particular mechanical skill, don't mind doing a dirty job now and again, or would like to participate in some hands-on historic preservation, now is the time to make yourself known! We will be putting together work parties at Amtrak's facilities in Los Angeles during the next couple of months with the aim of operating the  Forum again as soon as possible. Wonder what kinds of work are needed? Contact me at or at (626) 570-0033 and I'll invite you down at a time that's convenient for you to be at the car. You don't have to commit to any regular schedule for your participation. We will work with you. I promise that after you have helped work on the car, when you are on the  National Forum at speed in a real Amtrak train, you will experience a thrill that is like no other. People who work on the car will be afforded the chance to work on the excursions using the  National Forum . Unlike most private car owners, you don't have to carry the whole burden of maintenance on your own shoulders. You can have complete pride of ownership and craftsmanship by working side by side with your fellow railfans. You can also involve your family and friends who are interested in historic passenger equipment. Contact me today !

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